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Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi OS, previously known as Raspbian, is a Debian-based distro for Raspberry Pi. Released in 2015, it is officially provided by the Raspberry Pi Foundation as the fundamental OS for the Raspberry Pi line of systems with ARM CPUs.

Raspberry Pi

The initial version of Raspbian was released as a standalone project by Mike Thompson and Peter Green on July 15, 2012. While several operating systems compatible with Raspberry Pi are Linux/GNU distros, Chrome OS, Android, and non-Linux images are also available for Pi. Irrespective of the availability of multiple OS, the Raspberry Pi OS is the primary choice for the RasPi line of single-chip systems with ARM CPUs.

The Raspberry Pi OS uses an advanced variant of the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE) as its desktop environment. LXDE is particularly designed for single-chip systems and limited resources systems.

Raspberry Pi uses an Openbox stacking window manager utility and its own distinctive theme to provide an exceptional and cohesive user experience. In addition, it comes with a pre-installed collection of programs, including the Wolfram Mathematica algebra program, Minecraft: Pi Edition game, and a lightweight variant of Chromium.

Raspberry Pi

NOTE: For the best experience, use a desktop web browser to download Virtual Machines and to view the Checksum Values.

Virtual Machines

Title (Download)
Raspberry Pi Desktop
4.19 Buster 32Bit
2.10 GB

Virtualization Software

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