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Sigint OS

As the name suggests, SigintOS is a Linux-based distro for signal intelligence.

Sigint OS

SigintOS is an Ubuntu Linux-based distro with a collection of pre-installed signal intelligence applications for software-defined radios, including USRPs, RTL-SDRs, HackRF, and bladeRF radios.

It has an inbuilt GUI that enables easy access to some of the most commonly used SIGINT tools, such as a jammer, an IMSI catcher, an FM and GPS transmitter, and a GSM base station search tool. Moreover, this OS has a set of other built-in applications like GQRX, GNU Radio, Wireshark, gr-gsm, and YatesBTS. The SigintOS software allows several SIGINT operations to perform via a single GUI.

Sigint OS

NOTE: For the best experience, use a desktop web browser to download Virtual Machines and to view the Checksum Values.

Virtual Machines

Title (Download)
1.1 64Bit
2.22 GB

Virtualization Software

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